Ad-Context Resonance

Context Effects Proven by Kwon Journal of Advertising Research
April 2018 Meta-Analysis of 70 Studies

Ad Recall Lift
ad context resonance graph

Putting funny ads in funny programs can get you 15% more ad recall.
RMT sought to determine the ideal dimensions for such content coding. Surely one could go deeper than funny/serious, etc.


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RMT DriverTags Third Party Validations

Higher alignment lifts in not just ad recall, but for
incremental sales ROI and full funnel branding effects.

Neustar ROAS index

Activating RMT with Contexts

In Linear Television, and in OTT/CTV, DriverTag Resonance between the ad and the program (or network, or daypart on a specific network) becomes part of the optimization along with client choice of best of breed purchaser targeting.

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Resonance Proven Against Sales

Nielsen NC Solutions Study for Turner Showed that Incorporating DriverTag Resonance In Media Selection Generates +36% Sales Lift.

Turner Nielsen-Catalina-RMT-Study
See complete ARF RMT Turner white paper.

Resonance Proven Against Branding Measures

Low Frequency Overcome By Resonance

Resonance Can Overcome Low Frequency

low frequency overcome by resonance

Read complete ARF RMT 605 white paper.