DriverTag Solutions For Media Companies

TV TUNE-IN DriverTag Program Resonance for Maximum Rating Lift

Research Measurement Technology’s (RMT’s) Resonance Reports provide a score and ranking of the viewer DriverTag profile match between a program series being advertised and all programs available for ad placements. The resulting Ad Resonance rankings allow media planners to purchase inventory for the series campaign that closely matches the DriverTag psychological profile of the advertised series.

The matching of a TV program series ad(s) to program avails ensures that the viewer’s psychological needs will be satisfied when exposed to the ad, maximizing the opportunity for trial, conversion and loyal viewership.

RMT validation research has proven that when DriverTags are used in campaign schedule planning, the audience ratings lifts for the advertised series are higher than would be achieved using traditional tune-in campaign planning practices.

Rotations can still be used whenever the premium for program specific buying outweighs the benefit effect received. The benefit effect can be estimated based on DriverTag Ad Resonance scores. For example, if the Resonance of a given show with yours is 90%, but the premium to buy it separately from a rotation is 20%, the likelihood is that you will come out way ahead by making the program specific buy. Campaign planners have the skill to fine tune and optimize placements based upon Ad Resonance Rankings.

TV TUNE-IN DriverTag Digital Targeting for Maximum Rating Lift

Each individual in the RMT-StatSocial database of ~93 Million digital IDs has a Drivertag Resonance score computed for each TV program in the RMT DriverTag master library. This provides a large, unique and valuable database for delivering ads and program promotions to individuals resonant with the advertised program and most likely to produce significant audience ratings lifts.

The process is simple to activate, requesting that RMT develop a custom file of individuals with DriverTag profiles closely matching the DriverTag profile of the advertised series, then upload the custom file to those on-boarding platforms where the RMT-StatSocial database resides.