Hyperlocal Opportunities HY-OPS

Data Driven, ROI-Focused Advertising

Opportunity to Increase National Brand Sales at No Increase in Media Investment

The Discovery

Can squeeze out more domestic growth for mature
brands that have seemed topped out

  • Requires media shift X of national dollars to spot
    • Areas must be carefully selected for sales responsiveness
    • Hy Ops has built predictive model and complete system for
      managing this process
  • This provides new growth cycle to mature brands
  • Akin to shifting funds to better paying bank accounts
  • One more programmatic dimension to optimize in the new
    best practices.

Sales Responsiveness Varies by Geographic Area

Original Findings presented to ANA

Brand X data

Brands Grow in S Curves

At different stages in their S curve in different geos

Causes include vagaries of where media impressions accidentally pile up, strength of local sales force, demographics, psychographics, strong regional brands, distribution, varying compliance with promotions.

Brands growth S curve graph

Brands follow Rogers Diffusion of Innovations Curve

Fingerprints of Growth Potential

  • Hy-Ops has identified 10 variables which help explain and predict which areas are worth heavy-up media stimulation
  • And which areas can receive slightly reduced pressure in order to effect a cost-less media shift increasing overall sales

Laundry Detergent Brand X Summary – U.S.

  • Overall ALL Brand down -2.0% Y/Y
  • Orders to HY-OPS: At no net change in overall media spend, make this currently declining brand grow on national basis by:
    • Stimulating markets that have not yet topped out
    • Retracting funds from markets that have topped out

Areas of Opportunity:

Brand X Liquid Laundry Detergent

US map Brand X liquid detergent

Brand X Pods Laundry Detergent

US map brands X pods detergent