Laboratory for Advanced Marketing

LAM Mission

advanced marketeing mix

To develop, evaluate, employ and promote a deeper, wider spectrum approach to marketing based on new assumptions, models and tools that unblock and tap the enormous hidden potential for human benefit and business growth…

     To move the human project forward.

Key Facts

  • Corporations have become the dominant social institution
  • Marketing is the means by which the company links its products to the needs and aspirations of people
  • Data, technology, and creative capabilities combine the empiric with the power of intuition, fuse the commercial with the aesthetic
  • There is no field of inquiry, knowledge or discipline outside the context of marketing

The Post-War Culture

  • Flash over substance
  • Opportunism over loyalty
  • Selling ability over integrity
  • Mobility over stability
  • The movie and music business produce stars … not heroes, but celebrities

The Emergence of the “Empty Self”

  • Psychologically bound
  • Tries to manipulate external world
  • Lack of personal conviction and worth
  • Chronic, undifferentiated emotional hunger

 … Yearns to acquire and consume

Consume … Acquire

  • Goods
  • Calories
  • Experiences
  • Romantic partners
  • Empathic therapists

Attempt to combat
the growing alienation
and fragmentation of our era.

A Poor Substitute for the Ancient Tools

Which were …

  • The array of stories, songs, beliefs, rituals, myths, symbols, metaphors
  • Always teaching and readjusting world view
  • Providing the community and its members a web of meaning

Implications for Marketers

  • The society that “feels worse” rejects marketing approaches
    • Increased cynicism
    • Declining credibility
    • Decline in product loyalty
  • The conventional response adds more channels, more content rather than truly re- positioning
  • Focus on parts rather than the whole

The Current Approach

    • Addiction to prediction rather than courage to create
    • More noise disguised as content
    • The fallacy of concreteness
    • Social media’s deleterious effects; AI, VR, machine-learning devoid of meaning
    • Neglect of subconscious motivators

An Industry Based on a Tiny Portion of the Total Spectrum

Cosmic Rays, Gamma wavs, X-rays, visible light, radar, radio waves

To Most People, Marketing…                                                     

  • Manipulates
  • Tricks
  • Soothes
  • Organizes

…by momentarily filling up empty consumers

The Internal Drive for Meaning

Negative Expressions

  • Substance Abuse
  • Social Pathologies
  • Stress-Related Illness
  • Exploitation

Positive Expressions

  • Self-Improvement
  • Physical Fitness
  • Spirituality/Mysticism
  • Nature

Our Mandate: Liberate Consumers

The New Role of Products

How We Do It

  • Depends on highly refined and experienced marketing expertise
  • The use of new models
  • Creating better access to intuition and the subconscious
  • Results in demonstrable increase in quality and quantity of ideas … and business growth

What are the New Models?

  • Heuristic tools — helping to discern, learn, guide
  • Maps for geometric thinking — typology for people, products, company
  • Infrastructure for intuitive:
    Can be the anatomy of a self-concept for a person, group or company.
  • We must help answer the questions:
    “Who am I … where did I come from?”
  • Fictions that help get at facts

What Marketing Should Be…

A living system — interacting, mutually reinforcing parts, unified by a common purpose and common values.

The Evolution of Marketing

Example of a Model

wholeness effect, continuous - shift in perspective

The Market



Synergetic release of
potential to find and fulfill
needs and aspirations.




The Market Connection

Mission: Brand Leadership

Intention-action, maximum fit alignment between position and market

Measures of Success

  • Not simply growth of net revenue, market share, new investors, but also …
  • Development of human potential
  • Physical, psychic, spiritual well-being
  • Fulfilment and gratification of all those whom the business touches