Media Village Report of Neustar Validation

Have you ever wished that there was a key that would connect your intuition to all the data? Now there is such a key. And impartial third-party researcher Neustar has proven that it works.

Intuition remains the main factor in the success of all human endeavor, including content, marketing, sports and all the performing arts, warfare, love, technology and even science itself. If we didn’t all know this, CMOs would never have been created, and creative directors at agencies would never have risen to highest importance.

Of course, the way we all know this is intuitively. The inner feeling of certain knowledge is a function of that faculty which we call intuition. Jung considered intuition so important he called it out as one of the four functions of consciousness, along with perception, thinking and feeling.

Intuition is called having hunches by the mass of humanity.

When a bunch of information suddenly comes together to form a surprising molecule in your mind, you have an “aha! moment.” That is intuition.

CMOs and creative agencies excel at knowing how to use their intuitions.

The creative and media silos should never have been parted like the Red Sea. But it is what it is. Dozens of years ago, the industry quietly began to use benefit segmentation, consumer research which buckets people by the reasons why they buy a specific kind of product. During the time Bill Livek and Bill Engel were running Simmons, they went bigtime on benefit segmentation — and MRI and Kantar and Ipsos and GfK and everyone else did, too.
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