Brand Adoption Lift

Empowering ROI by Connecting Psychographics & Programmatic

Pat Pellegrini, President & CEO of Simmons Research and Graeme Hutton SVP, Universal McCann
June 12, 2017

What are consumer psychographics and why are they important in marketing?

Consumer psychographics are “…the study and classification of people according to their attitudes, aspirations, and other psychological criteria…”
Psychographics explain the “why” of brand usage better than any other attributes like demos.  Psychographics predict brand use. Using these variables increases ROI lift versus media optimization alone.

The Conceptualization of Holistic Psychographics™

Many current psychographics available in the market are product specific and therefore not holistic in relation to modern psychological testing and theory. We reviewed a number of psychographic measures, including Simmons’ standard scales as well as those that are well validated or heavily used by clients – for example, OCEAN and Brand Love

Scored Simmons’ NCS with DriverTags Via a Re-contact study,
conducted initial evaluation of Simmons’ standard measures as well as these new, additional attributes.

Developing Holistic Psychographics

DriverTags Enable Deep Psychology in Marketing

What is the psychological content on the screen and in the viewer, and how do they interact?

Key Points

  • 265 words distilled from all of the psychological words in the English language
  • First psychological link between these four dimensions
    The Product/Brand — The Media Environment — The Ad — The Individual ↵
  • Enables ROI lift and increases predictive power in fusion and lookalike models
  • Developed by Bill Harvey and RMT

Psychological Triggers Evoke Connection to Motivations

  • Storyteller designs content to appeal to that motivation.
  • Storyteller, if sophisticated, also selects context to appeal to that motivation.

Showing the right content, within the right context, driven by consumer psychographics, helps brands tell a compelling story!

How can we better drive ROI via creative & context?
Psychographics on PEOPLE → Audience → Metatags on CONTENT → Ad

Simmons Validation of DriverTags

  • All 25k Simmons respondents scored with DriverTags, based on program viewing questions
  • Used to fuse Simmons respondents with Symphony Advanced Media video data
  • Increased predictive power on models of brand usage when included in Holistic Psychographics approach

Statistical Approach and Initial Findings

GOAL: Develop segmentation that targets likely brad user more efficiently than demos alone.

  • Examined 3830 brands and TV shows via iterative regression on 569 psychographic attributes and 265 DriverTags.
  • Focused on variables that were predictive of brand choice at 95% confidence interval.
  • Scored all respondents on likelihood to use brand.

Predictive power is 344% greater than targeting on demos alone.

Predictive Power Across Categories

overall gain vs demos alone

Case Study – Luxury Cars

Demos (current Users)
Competitors show similar demographics, particularly on age, income, education and kids at home.

client brand-comptetitor 1-2

Attitudes and DriverTags that Predict Client Brand Owners

positive and negative relationships of client brand attitudes and drivertags

Increases explanatory power by 220%. the model explains 22% of what goes into picking the client brand, compared to 9.8% for demos alone.

Psychographic Overlap

The top attitudes for Client Brand are not predictive for competitors.

client brands most predictive attitudes

DriverTag Overlap

Some DriverTags move in the opposite direction for competitors

client brands most predictive drivertags

Sizing the Opportunity

Likely Client Brand Shoppers represent almost 40% of the US adults population; almost 30% of this segment also shops at Competitor 2.

Top competitor brands among likely client brand shoppers

Attitudes and DriverTags that predict Client Brand Owners

client brand predictive attitudes and drivertags

Holistic Psychographics approach increases explanatory power by 301%. The model explains 19% of what goes into picking the client brand, compared to 6% for demos alone.

Selecting the right mix of psychographics will impact ROI

Changes in likelihood of Chevy GEO brand usage when
adding new psychographics to your consumer target

right mix of psychographics to consumer target

Introducing Simmons Holistic Psychographics

simmons psychographics list of parameters

Standard Path Setting Quantified Objectives

  1. Understand category/brand psychology & motivations
  2. Decide strategy/identify probable most sales responsive target
  3. Create ads with the right psychological triggers
  4. Select media based on target and resonance

Holistic Psychographics & Precision Targeting:

Key Takeaways

  • Holistic Psychographics and DriverTags will lift ROI by their increase in targeting predictivity
  • Creative briefs which identify memes that drive people to and away from a brand, and media buys that match message to content and creative, will further increase ROI
  • Programmatic and precision marketing technologies enable media targeting to generate much higher levels of salient efficiency and effectiveness.